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Delta Line-Interactive ups | Delta line-Interactive Distributors in Aurangabad:

Microtek Line interactive UPS comes in a wide range of sizes from 625KVA to 1000KVA.

Delta has always endeavored to offer technically Superior Products with a minimum cost of ownership which Empower customers with the Competitive Edge something that we refer to as the power behind competitiveness.

Delta’s products for unmatched power management are broadly classified into the following categories Amplon Series Ultron and module on series starting from 600 VA up to 4,000 KVA Delta’s UPS systems ensure a high input power factor and low that. Do they also come with exceptional display features, including an LCD event logs time and description of What are events logging data for analyzing power quality and generating reports? Delta’s UPS systems also have online double conversion which pushes their efficiency up to 96% in normal mode and up to 99% in eco mode.